features Engineer to Order

Transform your design and sales processes for building and selling products that are engineered to order. Sungrace can provide software solutions for your unique automation needs.

Speed and Accuracy Matter

If you design, manufacture, and sell products that are built to order and sold through a competitive bidding process, you know that a quick turnaround on the requests for quote (RFQ) is critical. If your design team has to draw up the product for every bid and they depend on the owner or other senior personnel to complete the design, you may have just slowed down your bidding process. If there is a sudden increase in the number of RFQs (a good problem), but your team is still working on previous bids, they have to either prioritize and drop some bids or rush to complete them all, risking the accuracy and quality of the quotes (a bad solution either way).

What if you could assure your sales team that every quote will be error-free, and that only a small fraction of the bids will need manual processing? By capturing product knowledge that might otherwise reside in silos within your organization, Sungrace's engineer-to-order software solutions will provide you with that peace of mind.

As an added benefit, you will free up your teams to focus only on the most important opportunities, and still be able to bid on everything else. And if you so desire, fully built 3D CAD models will be automatically generated and available to your design team for every quote.

Accelerate Sales

Design automation is not a new concept. 2D and 3D CAD software has now been available for decades -- you probably use at least a couple of different CAD software in your organization already.

What *is* new is how design, engineering, and sales tools have come together to leverage new innovations in computing and electronics. These advances are making it easier than ever to impart intelligence to your designs and serve them up in the cloud, enabling secure access via multiple devices and connectivity with business and sales software to automate your workflow more completely.

So think being 'Designed In' rather than searching for RFQ's. Think drag and drop; tap, swipe, and pinch; pricing on the fly, and the ability to order at the click of a button from both web and mobile devices.

The digital revolution is upon us, and Sungrace can help you to harness it to accelerate your business in more ways than ever before.

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