features Batch SpellChecker for Autodesk® Inventor®

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Version 2018 of the Batch SpellChecker app from Sungrace incorporates new features requested by hundreds of happy Batch SpellChecker customers. Please download now from the Autodesk app store and give it a try.


This easy-to-use Batch SpellChecker app extends the Inventor SDK spell checker add-in to provide fast and automated spell checking for Inventor drawings in a batch processing mode.

Select multiple drawings or all drawing files in a folder.

Define options for a detailed report file and how corrected files are saved.

Check file-wise report of spelling corrections made.

Uses Microsoft Word spelling checker.

HTML report that can be saved on your local drive.

Open html formated report on any web browser.

Version information of the Batch SpellChecker App

Batch SpellChecker App Features:

  • Search selected drawing files in a folder or search entire folders.
  • Correct spellings in user-entered notes quickly and easily.
  • Apply corrections directly to the drawing files choosing either to overwrite or to make a copy.
  • Uses Microsoft Office components and the familiar Word spelling checker.
  • Create custom dictionaries to include frequently used technical terms.
  • Generate file wise report of spelling corrections made.
  • Automatic HTML Report generation for Before and After corrected spells with number of total corrected spells.